Shoes are everywhere in closets in rooms in garages. There are many different types of shoes such as Jordan’s Kobe’s LeBron’s Kyrie’s curries, and KD’s. Shoes are awesome and comfy and they protect your feet. Jordan’s are great shoes they protect your feet from nails and stuff. P.S. they are great basketball shoes. Kobe’s are awesome they make high top Kobe’s and Kobe lows. However they are both good shoes.

Think about it the person that made the Kobe 10 lows is likely a pretty rich guy. Many of the shoes made by Nike are pretty nice and expensive shoes. You could make a living by making shoes. Some people don’t care about shoes but a lot do. I and most of my friends love shoes. I have some friends that don’t like shoes and I try my best to make them like shoes.

On Nike id you can customize your shoes. I personally like the customizable Kyrie 2s from Nike id. The world of shoes is expanding, and to think we used to where moccasins. No a fence on people that still where moccasins. Nike id also allows you to personalize your shoes which is pretty cool.

Shoes are awesome I love many different kinds of shoes. Shoes are very important to me. That is why I did this blog about shoes. I hope that people like my blog, and I hope that it is somewhat in formative.





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