The Best Shoes Ever

Best shoes there are many shoes in the world but some I like more than others.

I love most Jordan’s I like Nike air force ones. Let’s start with the air force ones the shoes are great they are comfortable and they are high top shoes which makes them good for basketball. Now let’s look at the Jordan Horizons are great shoes I love the design and the shoe in general. They are just amazing. There are three different colors for the shoes. One has a pattern with diamond’s and lines. One is kind of plain but I like them. Then there is the Jordan son of mars and they are pretty cool. They have a strap, and straps are cool. So that is one factor that I like. And they are high top basketball shoes. And did I mention they are Jordan’s. I also like the Jordan cp3s I don’t know too much about them but I have a friend that gave me some good revues. I also like the Jordan air 1s they are pretty cool. Jordan 11 are nice shoes as well I like them and a lot of other people do to. Jordan 6s are also nice shoes I like them because they are basketball shoes. Kobe ten elites are cool shoes as well. Kobe ten lows are also pretty nice. There is not much to tell about them though they are low cut shoes, and some people say that they are ball shoes but I think there not.


The Best Shoes Ever

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